Program Review

Formal CCGP Review

The Utah Model for Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance emphasizes a continual process of designing, planning, implementing, evaluating and enhancing the CCGP.

  1. The design of the program is the model the school has developed.
  2. The plan is the written description of the school program, which can be informed/improved by ongoing self-evaluation and the effective use of data projects, guidance activities and closing the gap action plans, and the results reports for those actions plans.
  3. A program is implemented when it meets the 12 standards for program approval.
  4. Program evaluation occurs during your annual self-review (now required for funding) and passing the performance review.
  5. Program enhancement occurs as counselors compare their existing program with new goals.

The standards and indicators on the Performance Review Form are the criteria for evaluation of the CCGP.

Student Outcomes: Standards and Competencies
Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Needs Assessment

Performance Review Standards for New CCG Programs
Revised January 2008

Performance Review
CCGP Performance Review

Performance Review Standards for CCG Existing Programs
New for 2016

Performance Review
School Counseling Performance Review
School Counseling Electronic Evidence Box Guide
School Counseling Interim Performance Review

Three-Year Interim Review

The CCGP Three-Year Interim Review will be structured at the discretion of the local district. These reviews should focus on identifying program strengths and weaknesses and using data to effect program change and improvement that results in improved behavior, attendance, or academic achievement for students. Districts will be encouraged to use this less formal review process to allow schools to plan and share data projects in a feeder system or a school to school format within the district or within the CTE region, preferably on an annual basis in lieu of the once every three year format. Districts will provide names of schools and plans for review structure for the current year in their annual RFP for the CCGP. District personnel can, however, require a formal, traditional Performance Review using the onsite process and out of district teams if they have concerns about the performance of a specific program or if significant changes have been made in the counseling team personnel. Interim review reports are due to the USOE by May 1st . The online CCGP annual self-evaluation will still be completed by schools participating in the interim review.

Annual Self-Evaluation

This online CCGP annual self-evaluation will be available April 1st of each year. Follow USOE’s guidelines, as well as special requirements from your district and respond to the form by May 1st. Remember, schools that have undergone a formal onsite review of their program and have submitted the Performance Evaluation to USOE by May 1st will have completed this requirement. An annual self-evaluation using the Performance Review document and reported online through the USOE CCGP self-evaluation form link is required annually for all schools as part of the CCGP funding process. Click the link below to take the online self-evaluation.

Online Self Evaluation